Joco Reusable Glass Cup (Red)

Joco Reusable Glass Cup (Red)

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JOCO cups are made from high quality, non-porous, borosilicate glass. They are lightweight and resistant to extreme changes in temperature. Their superior durability makes them microwave and dishwasher safe. Your JOCO cup is free of all harmful chemical nasties including BPA, lead and cadmium. Glass doesn’t affect flavour so you will taste your coffee or tea, not your cup.

Thermal Sleeve

The thermal silicone sleeve keeps your coffee or tea at the optimal temperature and your hands cool.

Splash Proof and Nose-Dome Lid

Our one-way lid means no more coffee splashes when you are on the go. The specially designed nose-dome feature means no more embarrassing nose to lid collisions.

Barista Friendly

The liquid volume of our glasses is measured from standard takeaway cup sizes. We keep the baristas happy and they approve your JOCO cup with thumbs up.


As Red is the our Fav colour here at Mouthwater, currently is the only option we have. 

I see Red, I see Red, I see Red...